Motel Vs Hotel

A motel, also referred to as motor lodge or motel, is usually a small hotel designed especially for drivers, typically having every room directly entered from the parking area directly into the motel parking lot for automobiles instead of through a main hotel lobby. They are a quick and economical alternative to staying in a major metropolitan hotel. Some offer full room service and a choice of over sized beds in addition to the standard bed space. The size of the room is determined by the number of people who will be using the room. Many are limited by floor plans that do not allow for a high number of people in a small room.

A motel room does have a cost, although most do charge for the room per night rather than a monthly rate. Oftentimes the room will include free use of the local community’s utilities such as cable television, coffee maker, refrigerator and so on. Some require guests to pay an additional fee to use these things in addition to the room accommodations. In addition to the monthly or annual fees that will be assessed against you when you check in, there may be additional hidden costs. These costs can include taxes, gratuities, gasoline, parking fees, daily housekeeping services, pool fees, and additional maintenance and repair charges.

One advantage of motels is the fact that they are more laid back than hotels. Many offer full room service and some even offer meals. However, this is not always the case. If you look online at the different models that are available, you should see the variety of amenities that are offered on each property. You may find that some offer a full kitchen, whereas others will only offer a microwave and no other kitchen facilities. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it is important to understand the hidden costs of both owning and operating a Motel rather than viewing it as an opportunity to save a few dollars.