What Info Hotel?

An info hotel is a business venture that offers free accommodations on a long term basis. Many times this kind of business has someone managing the info hotel or helping out with daily operations, but they are not actually renting the place. Most of the time accommodations are paid for by customers who pay a nightly or monthly fee. Some hotels do offer rooms for rent as well, but those are often for a shorter period of time.

If you think of an info hotel as an information service for people, then you would expect these kinds of hotels to focus on providing information about local places and events. This information can be as basic as what hotels are located near certain areas, or it can involve more detailed information. For example, one type of info hotel might concentrate on offering recommendations for the best places to eat in a certain area. Others may provide information about local nightlife. The information provided is usually collected from previous customers, but it can also come from other sources as well.

Since these hotels work with customers on an ongoing basis, they are able to provide even more detail than typical hotels can. A typical resort will focus on its location, amenities, and reputation for being a good place to stay. Even so, a new hotel can give people enough information to make an informed decision as to whether or not they wish to stay there. These hotels are likely to stay in business for many years, so people interested in investing in them should be able to get plenty of information about what they have to offer.