Tips on Finding the Right Motel

A motel, also called motor home or motel hotel, is generally a relatively large hotel designed specifically for drivers, normally having every room accessed directly from the main parking area for automobiles, and not through a waiting room or common entrance. The typical motel or motor home will be on the ground floor of an older building, but many are located in newer older buildings with a ground-floor basement. There are often shared spaces between the guest rooms, such as bathrooms and showers, but the main rooms tend to have their own distinct areas of the motel that are used for such activities as watching television, exercising in the gym, or enjoying a leisurely meal. Because of the nature of these hotels, they tend to be extremely noisy due to the number of guests who typically utilize its facilities, so there may be times when you might be expecting a guest, only to find that the hotel is closed for some reason. It is best to call several days ahead of time before making a trip to this type of motel. The same applies to motor home rentals; it would probably be better to call the day before you intend to visit to confirm.

In addition to the basic features offered in motels, such as kitchen facilities and refrigerator space, most have additional extras such as full size beds, cable TV, Internet, and luxurious king-sized or queen-sized beds. Many offer amenities such as private showers, jacuzzis, and private baths, although the basic facilities offered should be adequate for most basic guest requirements. There is a wide variety of styles of motels available, such as contemporary designs that use artistic motifs and colors, rustic themed designs that are more homey and cozy, and themed designs that are geared towards families or young adults. Some are even furnished with appliances and other amenities specific to the needs of their guests.

The typical motel features a single or double bedroom, a bathroom with or without a bath, living and dining rooms, a kitchen, and often a washer and dryer. Amenities such as televisions, coffee makers, coffee pots, microwaves, dictionaries, alarm clocks, and so on are very common. In addition, there are common areas such as corridors and elevators, hallways, parking lots, and exterior areas such as decks and porches. Most motels feature kitchens with fully stocked appliances, such as microwave ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. There are some amenities that all motels do not, such as private baths and laundry rooms, although these tend to be more expensive at some hotels.