Review of the News Hotel in Carnon, Greece

While in Carnon, be sure to check out local seafood favorites at La Grande Passerella de Carnaval. The staff at News Hotel perfectly anticipates serving you at your next visit. They will also make sure you have a wonderful time at the many shops located at Grand Parade. Here, you’ll find some of the best fresh fish and seafood available in Santorini, Greece.

If you love the taste of fresh fish, then you won’t be disappointed with La Grande Passerella’s fish department. The delicatessen offers everything from smoked fish fillets, fish sticks, and fresh fish balls. There’s even a restaurant where you can get fish cooked to perfection using the traditional methods of Greece, starting with olive oil, lemon juice, and spices. The great thing about this place is that there are many entrees that are perfect for lunch or dinner, including: Kalamata olives, cannelloni conchi, lamb’s livers, zesty vegetable salad, and much more.

The hotel is perfect for both business and pleasure. When you stay at the News Hotel in Carnon, you can count on waking up to the sounds of laughter and the sights and sounds of great fun. You can unwind and enjoy the amenities that the hotel has to offer. Whether you are traveling with a large family or just want to enjoy yourself while you relax, there is something special at the News Hotel in Carnon.