Motel Amenities For Business Travelers

When people think of motels they most likely think of a small and relatively poor quality motel that isn’t very luxurious. Motels are designed to provide a comfortable, clean environment for overnight guests who need the comfort and space of a hotel room. Motels are a place where people go to rest and relax after a long day on the job or travel. Many times you will find a Motel right next to an airplane or other transportation way and it will give you a more authentic feel to the area. They are designed for small overnight accommodations, not long term stays.

Motel style rooms are designed with basic furniture, white or color linens and a couch or two, a TV and maybe a couple of chairs. Some motels are all star ready with television sets, hot tubs and in addition, a swimming pool. Most offer a microwave and a refrigerator, as well as a grill and a few chairs. They tend to be fairly limited in terms of amenities, compared to hotels, but they do tend to provide a more comfortable environment for visitors. Some amenities include a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, telephone and cable tv. A continental breakfast is usually not available, but sometimes they can have a simple, quick breakfast with lighter meals such as toast, cereal and hard-boiled eggs.

These motels offer excellent value and because they are smaller than larger chain hotels, business travelers and visitors have more flexibility when it comes to selecting a room. They generally offer less room service than hotels, and sometimes they don’t even have a continental breakfast sometimes. Motel room service can be more expensive than a hotel room, depending on what services are offered. However, business travelers and visitors are used to this higher cost of room service and often appreciate the convenience of a Motel that offers better value and greater room amenities.