Info Hotel – Santa Barbara

Rooms in Info Hotel provide a desk and a refrigerator which provide excellent convenience and comfort, and guests are able to access the internet using free internet. The free WiFi provided at the Info Hotel provides a fast and easy way to check your email or the official website of your hotel. Also provided are free services such as room service, transportation, valet parking, foreign currency exchange, local calls, etc. In addition, guests have free use of the conference room and meeting rooms, a fitness center, library, restaurant, bar, video club, and children’s play area.

Given its proximity to major landmarks, like Old Drug Store and Kurzal, guests of this hotel are able to easily experience some of Palanga`s famous attractions. This hotel has around one thousand five hundred rooms and is committed to providing a safe and secure stay for its customers. Guests can have access to a swimming pool, outdoor swimming fountain, kids club, kid-friendly restaurants, a spa, health club, bar, casino, shopping center, business center, and a bus terminal.

The location of the Info Hotel makes it convenient for guests to visit several attractions in Palanga de Mar, including the Central Park, the University of Santa Barbara, the Theatre Museum, the Zoo, the Fortin de Belo, the Alemana Archaeological Park, the Parra Canyon, the Airport, theatrooper Museum, and many more. Some of the most popular activities in the city include surfing, boating, hiking, golfing, fishing, sightseeing, boat riding, bungee jumping, snorkeling, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, rafting, cycling, etc. The hotel has two restaurants in the area, namely the Mediterannean where you can enjoy continental and international cuisine, and the Belmont where you can taste some traditional Mexican food. There are also numerous spas in the vicinity, such as La Gran Plaza, Clinica Gestia, and the Palamos Wilderness which offer a wide variety of services to their guests.