Hotel Information Systems Used by Hospitality Companies

A hotel is a place which offers paid accommodation on a temporary basis. Most hotels provide facilities offered within a hotel room, ranging from a small-quality bed in a very small room to big luxurious suites with more space. All such hotels have the capacity to accommodate a maximum number of guests. The most important services offered by a hotel include room service, cleaning, laundry, transportation, and restaurant services. Many hotels also provide a common bathroom area and hallways.

The hotel industry employs over one million people and contributes heavily to the country’s economy. Some of the major players in the hotel industry are the five-star and luxury hotels, motels and dorms, and local hotels. The hotel industry also encompasses a huge range of related industries including housekeeping, management, catering, and property management. Professional and trained housekeepers provide services such as housekeeping, general care, luggage handling, and bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

One can get reliable hotel industry information systems from many online resources. The hotel industry is a multi-billion dollar business, with an estimated turnover of US $atory six billion dollars. The hotel industry incorporates leisure, business, corporate hospitality, and residential accommodations. Some of the well known names in the hospitality industry are Hilton, Intercontinental, Sheraton, Westin, and Hyatt. These hotels are run by world class management teams, with many holding world class awards.