Hospitality – The Key to Success in Business and Life

Hospitality is basically the relationship between a host and a guest, where the host gets the guest with some degree of hospitality, such as the welcome and entertainment of guests, or random strangers. Hospitality, however, extends far beyond the mere act of welcoming guests to your restaurant, hotel, club, etc. It has evolved into an art of welcoming guests, which includes an awareness of what is expected from guests and the ability to give that gift on demand. Hospitality goes beyond even the act of entertaining guests, but involves an interaction, on all fronts, between the host and the guests.

Hospitality is all around you. It exists in the streets, in public areas, parks, beaches, business districts, and just about anywhere. The concept of hospitality management encompasses the entire spectrum of human interaction, starting from the welcome smile, the unexpected offer of refreshments, to the personal interaction between friends or family. Hospitality goes beyond mere pampering, but entails the application of the five C’s of hospitality: Cleanliness, Comfort, Cleanliness and Choice, to the extent that the comfort and happiness of the guest is ensured. In the broadest sense, hospitality embraces the idea that the guest must be treated with courtesy and respect, and be made to feel at home. Hospitality can be defined as the quality of caring for other people, whether the care is given in person, by word of mouth, through literature, through actions such as assisting in the preparation of a meal or at the receiving end of a visitor.

So, if you want to improve your business or social life, consider a hospitality example. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to hospitality. In fact, it can be said that it is not the hospitality trait itself that creates that special atmosphere, but the ability to create that atmosphere and keep it going – and remember that it is the way you welcome your guests that makes a lasting impression. Hopefully, next time you are faced with a tough client, you will know how to handle them, and will do so in a manner that puts them at ease, making them feel welcome and contributing to their own recoveries.