Hospitality – An Age Old Practice Still In Style

Hospitality is a relationship between a host and a guest, in which the host gives the guest some degree of hospitality, such as the hospitality and entertainment of strangers, guests, or guests who just arrive for the first time. Hospitality is a practice that stems from the history of hospitality, which dates back to ancient Rome. There, guests were expected and welcomed as a way of showing hospitality and respect to someone new to the city, thus establishing that person as a stranger in their new home. This attitude continues today; when guests arrive at a hotel or other public venue, they are expected to be shown hospitality, and often times, to have the most enjoyable stay possible. Hospitality is a practice that involves more than simply exchanging gifts or keeping people company in a hotel or other public location; it also involves creating bonds between the guest and the hosts or hotel staff.

Hospitality can be demonstrated in many ways in public venues, most notably in the hospitality of restaurants and theme parks. At restaurants, it is not uncommon to be served food and drinks without any service, or having to ask for anything more than what is given. In theme parks, it is commonplace to find lines for rides and attractions long before the attraction even opens, and sometimes, lines are formed even before the park opens for the day, long before the sun comes up! Hospitality is also the custom in many hotels and resorts, where waiters and/or staff will take care of the guests’ needs while they are in the lobby or around the pool during their downtime, such as ordering room service, enjoying snacks on beds, or pampering individuals as they wait for a cab outside the lobby.

Hospitality as a practice has become a major part of the tourism and leisure industries, and the hospitality industry itself has taken notice. This trend can be seen in nearly all facets of the hospitality industry, from restaurants to theme parks to cruise ships. If you are thinking about starting a Hospitality business, you should consider the above practices as you would any other service-based business. Your clients will love you for providing such great hospitality, and your reputation will grow rapidly through word-of-mouth. If you follow these standards for hospitality, you will be able to thrive in this growing industry!