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Review of The News Hotel in Carnon

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Review of The News Hotel in Carnon

If you’re looking for a good all-around luxury hotel, then look no further than The News Hotel in Carnon. Located right on the main Carnon Beach road, this is one of the best luxury hotels to stay in all of Ireland. It is housed in a newly refurbished historic building that is sure to impress you. Guests can use free wi-fi in the lobby, as well as gain access to a library filled with books on everything from arts and crafts to history and culture. With an extensive restaurant featuring award winning menus, this is a great place for a relaxing stay.

Guests can also take advantage of complimentary parking at the front of the hotel, which is both convenient and free. If you like having your own personal chauffeur, you can request one to drop you off at your hotel, or pick you up during your visit. If you want to experience something a little different, consider staying at the award winning Royal Highland office hotel. Set in the middle of the famed Royal Gorge area, this is a four star resort with comfortable and luxurious accommodations. While you are there, you can see the famous Royal Gorges on foot, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that is a part of this area. This is also the perfect place to catch a glimpse of the manmade landscape that is so synonymous with this area.

Booking a room at The News is simple; all you have to do is make your reservation online. Guests can use the internet to not only search for local events, but to also find out information on the area they plan to visit. Before you know it, you will be enjoying yourself on vacation at this beautiful and convenient hotel. Make sure to read through all of the fine print on the website to ensure that your stay does not end up in a dispute down the road.

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