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Different Types Of Hotels


Different Types Of Hotels

A hotel is an establishment which provides paid accommodations on a short term basis. Most hotels offer rooms with private baths, free toiletries, television sets and telephone lines. Basic facilities offered in a hotel room can range from a basic, inexpensive bed in a tiny room to high-end suites with larger, better-functioning facilities. Hotels are preferred because they offer privacy, relaxation and often superior food and bedding. Hotel room rates are usually determined by the individual hotel, but the rates of popular hotels like the four-star New York’s Four Seasons are often as much as double those of budget motels.

A major component of any hotel system is its marketing strategy and the marketing strategy of most hotels includes promotion and advertising. Several types of marketing strategies are employed by hotel establishments including using billboards, promotional brochures and radio and TV ads. Hotel advertising is the most important component of the hotel industry, due to the fact that most people travel to other cities, and therefore hotels must take advantage of this fact. Hotel advertising is typically done through hotel directories, hotel brochures and direct mail campaigns. Hoteliers also use the Internet to reach a broader market and advertise special discounts and features that guests should not miss out on.

Motel rooms are generally designed to provide a more personalised service, and for this reason are particularly popular among travellers. A number of hotels feature special rooms and amenities designed especially for travellers, and many of them provide free delivery of meals, soft drinks and continental breakfast. Many travellers prefer the comforts of a motel room, and prefer them over expensive hotel accommodations, as they do not have to make any extra adjustments for their needs. Some travellers also prefer a more limited service hotel than one with several different types of rooms, as they would prefer the ability to call a cab at any time rather than waiting in line for a taxi to arrive.

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