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Hospitality Industry


Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is the generic term given to all sorts of services provided by people to each other. It also covers the industry of sales, advertising and marketing meant to promote and advertise the services offered by a business. Hospitality includes the providing of services like transportation, food and beverage service, accommodation, event planning and promotion, theme parks, cruise lines, airlines and pubs. The hospitality industry is a very broad industry and includes many specialized fields in the service sector, which includes hotel, food and beverage, event planning and promotion, theme parks, cruise lines, airlines and pubs. Hotel is a term given to the business houses which offer lodging facilities to the visitors. Hotels generally provide all rooms in the hotel with or without additional complimentary things like television, radio, books and other leisure.

The services provided by the hotels such as room service and housekeeping are also called as front-desk services. The hospitality industry includes all forms of services rendered by a host to a guest. These include meeting rooms, banquet halls, reception areas, party areas, waiting areas, kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, dressing areas, spas, saunas, recreational areas, conference rooms, lounges, dance halls, meeting rooms and boardrooms. The guest experience is what impresses most people when they visit a place and a good hospitality business should provide a satisfactory guest experience so that the visitor will come back again.

The first meeting of any hotel with a new client usually begins with a hospitality manager who first conducts an interview of the potential client and explains the hotel’s services. Then the front-desk team conducts a meeting with the candidate where his details are understood, and he is introduced to the hotel general manager and other hotel staff. At this meeting the right person (the hotel general manager in this case) makes the first contact with the visitor to explain the hotel services, the quality of the hospitality and its ambiance. The interview process is usually followed by a personal meeting between the guests and the hotel general manager. The hotel general manager explains to the visitor the amenities provided and the features that distinguish his hotel from the others.

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