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Hospitality in Hospitality


Hospitality in Hospitality

Hospitality, in business, is defined as the custom that exists between a host and a guest, wherein the host gives the guest something with any amount of good will, such as the welcome reception, entertainment and welcome gifts of guests. Hospitals, restaurants, and hotels, are all excellent examples of Hospitality in action. In a restaurant, a warm smile from a host is the best way to begin a pleasant conversation. And a friendly tip, a serving or a fresh fruit offer, is the best way to end a meal and to thank the guest for a wonderful meal.

Hospitality in tourism, also takes the form of Hospitality for Hospitality. Hospitality for Hospitality occurs when people like to provide their hospitality to people who come to visit, while respecting their privacy at the same time. Hospitality for Hospitality in tourism extends to providing facilities like transportation to a destination, providing services such as drinking water, cleaning and maintaining hotel rooms, etc., to guests. Hoteliers should always remember that hospitality is an aspect of service that should always be built into a person’s overall experience of visiting a location.

Hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and tourist destinations can all be an extension of a larger philosophy of Hospitality, of sharing and giving. Hospitality is one aspect of the hospitality industry that I think has been undervalued. It is one of the few aspects of Hospitality that I think of personally as a gift, rather than an obligation. When you go out to dinner with friends, you should always exchange a bit of a Hospitality smile to show your appreciation for a wonderful meal and a relaxing evening.

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