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Hotel Information Systems Used by Hospitality Firms

hotel information

Hotel Information Systems Used by Hospitality Firms

Hotel information is all about the many aspects of hotels and what each has to offer to its customers. A hotel is basically an establishment that offers paid accommodation on a temporary basis. The term “temporary” indicates that the period of stay may vary from few days to a few weeks. Most hotel rooms have facilities offered within a hotel room, such as a small-quality bed in a small room, shared bathroom facilities and so forth. Hotels also provide facilities like restaurants, shops, business centers and clubs for their guests’ use.

Other hotel information includes the availability of in-house restaurants or eateries, call answering service, in-house salon, housekeeping services, housekeeping, room service and tele-service for room rentals or room accommodations. Other aspects of hotel information pertains to the number of rooms available, recreational activities (such as spas), activities for children, amenities provided, number of guests expected, parking charges and housekeeping fees. For housekeeping services, other factors considered are the minimum number of clients expected, cleaning frequency, availability of staff, reputation of staff, housekeeping rules, reliability of housekeeping services and cleanliness of housekeeping personnel. Information on all of these services can be obtained from various sources such as websites, brochures and feedback from existing clients.

Many hospitality businesses have incorporated hotel information systems used to track and manage every aspect of its operations. Some examples include hotel reservation software, guest booking accounting software, property management software, reservation system software, guest response system, website and mobile reservation application, real-time credit card transaction processing and hotel loyalty programs. These applications help in streamlining operations and reducing operation costs. Some leading hospitality corporations include Interval International Limited, Cornell University Hospital Medical Center, Nationwide Home Products Inc. and Quest Diagnostic Imaging.

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