Hospitality Management – An Overview

The hospitality industry encompasses a wide range of sectors in the service sector that includes food and beverage service, event management, theme parks, airlines, travel and tourism, medical care, leisure and sports industries. It actually includes hotels, inns, restaurants, bars and other forms of establishments used for business. This sector has been one of the growing sectors of the economy in India since the mid 1990’s due to an influx of large number of tourists from all over the world. As far as the job scenario is concerned in this sector, you will find that there is a lot of competition in every sector as different people prefer different jobs.

Hospitality management covers all the aspects of hotel management including reservations, guest relations, housekeeping, catering, grounds management, marketing, merchandising etc. The most popular career path for the hospitality management professionals is the hotel manager who has the responsibility of not only looking after the day to day issues but also planning for the future projects of the hotel. The hotels are of many types e.g. four star hotels, budget hotels, heritage resort hotels etc.

Another interesting career opportunity for the hospitality industry professionals is the restaurant manager who is in charge of both the front office and back office functions of the hotel. The main responsibility of the restaurant manager is to take care of the quality and standard of food served to the guests. As far as the marketing aspect is concerned, it is very important to know the customer profile i.e. the age group, gender and other factors so that you can plan your advertising campaign accordingly.